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  1. Evaluation Fee:  The evaluation fee from a licensed health professional varies through the State of CT.  The fee can be upwards of $175 or more.  You can call me or email for a free consultation to see if you are eligible and then meet virtually for a visit at $125.00 for the first time medical visit for certification.  

  2. The Application Fee for the CT Medical Marijuana Program through the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Business Network (BIZRATE) is $100.00 and for those applying to be a caregiver, the fee is $25.00.  You can pay with a credit card which you can do directly on the BIZRATE site.  You also can pay by check, cashier’s check, money order and will need to send your payment to the Department of Consumer Protection MMP. 

  3. Choose your dispensary: During your application on BIZRATE for the CT MMP, you need to choose your *dispensary from the list that is approved.  Please choose one that is convenient and resonates with you.  Here is the link for the lists of CT dispensaries that are approved by the CT Department of Consumer Protection and the MMP:  https://portal.ct.gov/DCP/Medical-Marijuana-Program/Connecticut-Medical-Marijuana-Dispensary-Facilities 
    The cost of Cannabis/Marijuana/CBD products/equipment for vaping ect.-This is very hard to predict and will be individualized.  You can go online to look at the product costs, call, or make an appointment with a local dispensary.   It also does not hurt to ask the dispensary staff if they have any discounts available.  Some will offer discounts via text or email.  


  4. Your card expires in 1 year from the time your doctor/APRN certifies you.  Your follow-up medical visit to renew your card is $75.00.  Insurances will not cover cannabis visits or products.  The Renewal Fee from 1 year of your first certification is $100.00 due to the Connecticut Department of Administration Services (DAD) Business Network (BIZRATE). 

Here is the process and here are the costs for obtaining the Medical Cannabis/Marijuana Card for the State of CT:

Timeline for Obtaining and Renewing MMP Card 

  1. Evaluation by a healthcare provider - ½ hour to 1 hour

  2. Email from the state: Once approved for the MMP by your provider you will receive an email from DCP.MMP (Department of Consumer Protection Medical Marijuana Program) with detailed directions.  You must have a working email address, access to a phone or computer with internet service, and your identification and resident documents ready.  

  3. Create a BIZNET account by clicking on the link within the email sent from DCP.MMP.  You will then receive a second email from DCP.MMP to activate your BIZNET account-5 minutes

  4. After you are in your BIZNET account, you will need to:

    1. Select the “I am a Patient” option and fill in patient information (check it for accuracy) including picking a *dispensary,

    2. Upload and submit your (1) form of identification and (1) proof of residency documents,

    3. Complete the Certification questions and 

    4. Pay the Fee.  
      The entire process takes approximately 10-15 minutes.  (If you have any difficulty uploading or submitting files on the CT BIZNET account, please contact the *dispensary that you have chosen.)  Of note, if you mail in your payment this will delay your process longer.   


  5. Confirmation email: At the end of the application process, you have a message that your application was successfully submitted.  You will be emailed your permanent card within 60 days or less.  Most patients receive their permanent card 2 weeks from the time of application.  

  6. Note the expiration: Your permanent medical card expires in 1 year.  Renewal medical visits should be done within 30 days of the expiration date of your permanent card so there is not a lapse in treatment coverage with cannabis.  Renewal cards are emailed by the State of CT within 48 hours.  Time: 15 minutes to ½ hour


*Dispensaries are pharmacies for medical marijuana/cannabis.  There is also a pharmacist at the dispensaries that you can make an appointment with for a consultation.  However, check to see if this is still available due to COVID 19.  


**You can use your temporary card with other forms of identification to purchase products at the dispensary.  Check the dispensary's website to see the forms of identification they require before your first visit.

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