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Feeling really stressed lately and everything is so out of control?  Welcome to the use of technology to enhance consciousness and overall holistic health. 


HeartMath technology can be used as a stand-alone treatment modality or in conjunction with medical cannabis therapy to promote overall healing.   

The HeartMath technology provides a window into the power of synergistic functioning of heart and brain to improve mind, body, and emotional health. Using a simple ear sensor, the technology objectively monitors your heart rhythms and displays the physiological level of coherence — an optimal state in which the heart, mind, and emotions are operating in sync and balance. The program combines emotional restructuring, simple relaxation techniques, and breathing exercises to assist your body in establishing a healthier stress response. Patients who use these techniques report reduced stress, increased emotional resiliency, joy, calmness, increased energy, and creativity.   This technology can also ignite intuitive intelligence.  

Coming soon-Package Deals tailored to individuals' health care needs.

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