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Maisy - Canine Therapy 

A Special Bonus Available for Your Patient Visit (at no added cost)

Animal Inspiration

Introducing Amazing Maisy


I understand that your first medical visit can produce increased fear and anxiety, especially when you are suffering and have chronic pain.  Your virtual (on the internet via online video telehealth) or phone visit can be assisted by a trained therapy dog from the North Star Foundation.  Studies have shown multiple positive health outcomes for conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure when therapy dogs are utilized.  For those who are not afraid or allergic to dogs, they help to calm our “flight or fight” system called the sympathetic system and produce a feeling of calmness and increase or sense of wellbeing.  Therapy Dogs also help us bridge our bodies and feelings and help us feel grounded and secure.  You can request a dog to be present to assist even during an online or phone medical visit.

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*If you would like to request Maisy during your telehealth or phone visit, just send me an email or text me prior to your visit so I can make sure she is available.  

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