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I believe that plants have consciousness.  Simply put, I believe that there is an awareness and universal life force in all things on this planet.  Because of deep human tragedy, which is certainly not unique to just our family, my husband and I have surrounded our home with beautiful plants that have added a healing quality to our lives. 

As a seasoned health professional, I believe anyone can learn to harness their own intuition and unleash their own healing potential within.  Sometimes all it takes is bringing your awareness back to yourself and choosing to put yourself and your health first, becoming self-wise and tapping back into what matters to you the most.  Let awareness become your divine medicine. 

My greatest teachers are my patients, so patients . . . please teach me. 


I have over 30 years of experience in the medical and nursing fields. I obtained a Master of Science in Nursing Administration at the University of Phoenix in 1999, graduated from the University of Connecticut Post-Master’s Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program in 2008.  I am dual certified as an adult nurse practitioner (ANP) and advanced practice holistic nurse (APHN).  I completed a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology & Consciousness Studies in 2020 from The Graduate Institute for Holistic Studies.  Within this most recent program, I completed a transformation coaching training program, worked with horses within horse meditation workshops, and completed (4) mentorships which included working with Dr. Andrew Hahn, Ph.D. who created Life Centered Therapy (energy psychology protocol for healing). I am a Reiki Master (2019) and qualified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Response (MBSR) (2018), a form of mindfulness meditation, from UMass Memorial Medical Center.  I worked with an energy worker (from Sedona, Arizona) for almost a year and learned how to sense and manage my energy to create a healthy body and mind and continued that course of self-energy study for two years within the Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Program.  I have a certificate of completion (2020) for Dr. Dustin Sulak’s Healer Medical Cannabis Wellness Advisor Training.  I am certified (2021) as a HeartMath Clinician for stress, anxiety, and emotional management.  I finished the Society of Cannabis Clinician Clinical Cannabinoid Medical Curriculum in 2021.  I have also completed one of the country’s first Medical Cannabis Certificate programs at Pacific College of Health and Science in June of 2021.  

I have experience in critical care, college student health, internal medicine, primary care, geriatrics, and recently was a regional educator for a health management company.  In 2016, I was awarded the Sages of Clinical Services Award at United Health Group for exhibiting the values of Integrity, Compassion, Relationships, Innovation, and Performance. I was one of 350 winners of over 30,000 clinicians who were eligible for this award.  I have also taught extensively on caring for the dying and how to compassionately honor patient’s wishes at the end of life.  


I believe in the possibilities of deep human connection to transform and heal.  I believe with patience, deep listening, and human/animal/plant connection, any patient’s divine intuitive rebel for healing can be unleashed and empowered.  It would be my honor to walk along your healing journey with you. 

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