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$100 - 60 minutes

Reiki Universal Life Energy Holistic Patient Visit

Tap into your own superhero healing potential.

Reiki is an energy technique that harnesses your own body and mind's innate ability to heal.  Because of COVID 19, this self-healing modality can be done from a distance either via phone or online which is completely compliant with social distancing guidelines. This energy technique can be used as a stand-alone healing modality or used in conjunction with medical cannabis to augment healing.  If you feel that you or a family member may benefit from this energetic technique, give me a call.  Reiki healing will be performed by an APRN who is a Usui System of Healing Reiki Master and who has studied energy medicine, Life Centered Therapy (energy psychology), and is a qualified teacher in Mindfulness-Based Stress Response (a form of meditation for stress reduction). 

Coming soon:  HeartMath technology will be available to show harmony of your body and mind to aid healing and enhance the Reiki session.    

My Reiki session with "Mr. Owl" who survived and was released one month later.

Of note, I perform Reiki on pets as well and if you would like more information, please call me for a quote.  I have also gone into patient’s homes that are homebound and will do so again post COVID 19.

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