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Jasmine K.

 Sheri was my guide and we were following a map to get closer to the truth of my inner most questions and blockages through the body. I felt some deep releases of energy, some of which I was aware I was holding on to and some of which I wasn't. I was surprised by where the session led us, and so thankful to have been shown its’ power. As Sheri's client, I can say with my whole heart, I believe Sheri's soul is here to be of service as a healer. Her delicate and intuitive approach of carving away layers of emotional blocks is rare to see in a coach. She is an artist of energy and I trust her guidance fully.  If you have an opportunity to work with this incredible healer and compassionate soul, don't pass it by.

Alesandra F.

Sheri’s pacing as a guide is precise.  She has a nuanced ability to sense what my own pace is and can maintain the established tone and direction of inquiry.  

You feel Sheri’s heart energy.  It is glowing and connecting energy, and she has a sense of when to let it pour forth and when to keep it at bay as to not interfere with the work we were doing.  

    My session with Sheri was most invigorating and insightful.   

~Thank you, Sheri.

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Sheri brings a unique perspective to her Coaching practice having worked as a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner for over 30 years.  She has a compassionate heart and a gentleness about her that makes it difficult not to be comfortable in her presence. With Sheri’s guidance and skill as a holistic energetic coach she has helped me discover that I am my own Superhero!

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Fiona C.

I trust Sheri. She is a unique blend of the feminine and masculine; she is soft and caring as well as assertive and directed.  She listens with deep attunement and attention to the detail.  She is full of love and encouragement.  Her guidance is

a felt presence when she works.  Being in the healing presence with her is like entering into the ancient temple of light again.

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